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Client Testimonials

"I have been visiting Heads Up guidance for a month or so now. I am seen very quickly when I arrive, without a wait and it is one of the only low cost counseling services to exist in Savannah.

Everyone has been so kind." 

"I’ve been a client at HUGS since August 2021!  They provide an invaluable service to our community…Affordable mental health care to all people without insurance and regardless of situation. Counselors are well trained and professional. I couldn't recommend this place higher. 5 stars"

A 30-year-old veteran was recently discharged from the U.S. Army due to a medical disability and began working with a HUGS clinician during the COVID-19 pandemic. Following separation, no one would hire them, they began to drink heavily, and they spent their separation pay on drugs and alcohol to fill a void. “Civilians didn’t understand me or my needs, and I began to get dark…I wanted life to end. Depression and shame crept into my life, and I was literally at my wit’s end. I stumbled into HUGS not knowing who could help or even understand me; I stand here now, one year later with a renewed purpose and new perspective on self-love thanks to my HUGS counselor.”

HUGS has gone above and beyond to make sure that me and my family have the mental health care we need. Because of HUGS, I am hopeful for my future. I have had many therapists in my life but I have never had a therapist who understands me like the one at HUGS. She approaches therapy with a certain kindness and understanding. Sometimes I feel like she knows me better than I know myself. I feel a lot safer dealing with my mental health knowing she will be by my side and there to help me if I fall. I cannot thank HUGS enough for their dedication to helping those in need. 



"I started looking around for counseling services that offer low-priced services as my insurance doesn't cover it. I've been satisfied with their services so far, I am seen promptly and I have been able to reschedule my appointments when needed. My experiences so far have shown they are definitely a cut above the rest." 

A 10-year old female accompanied by her mother, sought services with HUGS to reduce her anxiety related to past experiences of bullying, social phobia, improve her self-perception, and increase her social skills. Since working with her therapist, she has been addressing the root of her anxiety, limiting beliefs, inadequate sense of self, and inability to set healthy boundaries. Currently, this client reports zero incidents of panic, decreased generalized anxiety, increased self worth, broadening her social supports, making new friendships, and participating in after school activities.

"We've just begun counseling, but I feel it is making a positive impact. Our therapist is awesome...kind, caring, knowledgeable, professional, gentle, easy to talk to. Everything I hoped to find in a therapist."

"My counselor is extremely talented!! She has a gift for it. She is sensitive but direct and has helped me so much in processing past traumas. I feel like she really cares about me and isn't just giving me therapy jargon. I've learned a lot about myself in the process and am seeing results in how I deal with things in my life. When I started with HUGS I could hardly feel my emotions. Now, I am able to locate what I'm feeling and process it in a healthier way. Thank you!!!"

A male in his 40s sought services with HUGS to address his trauma related to partner betrayal and domestic violence. Since beginning to work with his therapist 3 months ago, he has processed cycles of the abusive relationship, co-dependency, past traumas, childhood attachment wounds and how they contribute to his diminished self-esteem. The client has improved his self-worth, can set and maintain healthy boundaries, and reports feeling secure and safe in his current relationships. 

"I am thankful every day that I was able to find HUGS. Other counselors were not effective and I was unable to afford their services. I have received the best of care at HUGS. My counselor is the perfect match for me. I have received such healing ability and tools to combat my depression from her. I also brought my children for their own counseling. My daughter still attends and is making significant progress with anxiety!"

 "I have a history of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual abuse. My need to seek acceptance of someone or something to ease my wounded mind, body, and soul led me to a forty year love affair with cocaine, this demonic lover led me in and out of prison four times, numerous hospitalizations and rehabilitation programs. I have faced so many obstacles these last ten months and with each one I ran into the arms of HUGS for the embrace I needed to forge ahead, and I will return to college next week after ten years of being out of school. Thank the lord for HUGS."

A 42 year old expecting mother of 3 grieving the loss of her oldest son to gang related gun violence on his way home from classes at a local university where he was top in his class about to graduate with honors, is suffering with complicated grief, acute anxiety, traumatic stress, and depression. She has been working with a HUGS counselor for 10 months to resolve her trauma, process her anger, and appropriately grieve her loss. She now reports being able to be present for her now 2 living children, performing well in her role at work, engaging in her hobbies and supportive relationships.  

" I owe my life to God and HUGS! Without this chance to get counseling, I would have been lost and depressed, not able to care for myself and my child. HUGS’ counselors have given me the encouragement I needed to build a better life and to become a better mother. I can now walk out into the world, putting my fears and insecurities behind me, to become the woman and mother God wants me to be. Because of my participation in HUGS’ courses, I now know my life is worth something and I have purpose."

HUGS is an incredible nonprofit organization that provides professional services to those in need throughout Savannah and the surrounding areas. Speaking from personal experience, I have been using their counseling services over the past year and a half and it has completely changed my life for the better. The staff and volunteers are some of the most compassionate, loving, and sincere people I have ever met. I tell everyone I know about HUGS and highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of help. Thank you HUGS for all that you have done for me and all the other lives you have changed over the years. - Client 2014 

A 20 y/o male attending a local university sought out services with HUGS to overcome his social phobia and fear of intimate relationships and rejection. Since working with his HUGS Counselor he has received proper diagnosis, and is addressing internet and gaming addiction, ADHD combined inattentive and hyperactive type, OCD tendencies, and unresolved childhood trauma and attachment wounds impacting his self-worth and safety in relationships. He was referred locally for testing, and was able to r/o Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Now, this client reports having two close friendships, ability to interact socially without distress or avoidance, and his first girlfriend.    

"HUGS equals altruism at its finest. Their counselors exceeded my expectations. I never dreamt I would benefit from any form of therapy; especially, at an affordable rate. This nonprofit is a blessing to Savannah and others should follow their lead."

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